2 shit eating bastards for the scat cats

2 shit eating bastards for the scat cats
This time the scat cats have 2 shit eaters to feed. How good that they both need to shit so badly. First Domi then Kimi shits a lot in the hungry mouths. They piss also inside to help the bastards to swollow all the yummy shit. The cats use them also as a spitton and asthry!

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Is there a Problem Toilet Slave

Is there a Problem Toilet Slave Part 7 Gabi
The Girls just are just busy chatting and use the Convenience of their Toilet Slave underneath them. Part 7 with Gabi. English Subtitles

Roleplaying shit eater

Roleplaying shit eater 1080p HD
Mistress Rayven likes to roleplay and plays as if her slave is a burglar and his punishment is to eat her shit. He pleads with her not to make him eat her shit but theres no reasoning with her and he has to eat it anyways.

Sonya and two new friends want to shit on the slave´s face too.

Sonya and two new friends want to shit on the slave´s face too.
Sonya has spoke with two new friends about the human toilet. She explained to them that it is a pleasure to take a shit on his face and the new girls decide to try. Once again the slave´s face is covered of shit.

The Peeper…. Scat Punishment

The peeper
I catch a peeper, who is looking through the toilet door. Because he wanted to see me on the toilet, I fulfilled his wish and used his mouth a toilet. I think thats close enough for him, to see all clear. I allowed him to wash himself not in the basin, but in the toilet afterwards.

Schoolgirl Messalina … eat her shit

Schoolgirl Messalina HD 1
The schoolgirl Messalina beats her slave merciless, humiliates him with pleasure, ****** him to lick her pussy,she pisses into her slave mouth and finally shits in his mouth too.Full toilet slavery.Scat domination.

Moneyslave and Shit eater

In an abandoned area I met one of my moneyslaves. According to my command, he was waiting for me naked but only with the money in his hands in a dirty hole. After handing over of the money, he was allowed to worship my golden high heels and then he received his punishment for this mingy pocket money. If he is allowed to meet his mistress, he must think about the amount to spend as reward… Instead of beeing allowed to massage my feet, the day ends in pain for him. Of course I ****** him to swallow my caviar. He lamented, choked and cried, but nothing helped. In the end he ****** the whole load down.

A crappy foot massager

A crappy foot massager
So a guy came to me for massaging my feet. Because I want to have some fun he first must suffer some pain! But what then this guy calls a foot masage is really bad! As punishment for the bad massage I shit in his mouth. I commanded to eat the shit, but the slave is too stupid for that. In the end he is absoluetely useless!

Education to a shit eater

Education to a shit eater
Princess Nikki looks so sexy in her dress! Her new slave Vickinger will be used as a full toilet for the first time in his life! Princess Nikki always gat what she wants:)

Scat Slavery

Scat slavery
A long clip in which the use of the slave is total. The mistress, once removed her panties, he began to defecate directly into the mouth of the slave, who was later ****** even the usual cleaning service total.