Scat Cats day1

Scat Cats day1 P2
Now they let suffer the toilet slave. Lady Domi and Lady Kimi gives him repeatedly surges with the cattle prod, so that the slave winces again like crazy. This amused the two ladies very and humiliate him even more. They spit and he must lick. Then he has to lie down under the toilet seat, where he gets a huge pile shit in his mouth. Since the toilet slave is astonished himself. Before he was allowed to swallow the pee directly from the source. But his mouth has overflowed. Lady Kimi spits still on the pile of shit on top and the slave chews and swallows and chews and swallows, but it’s just been a very big shit pile.


2 shit eating bastards for the scat cats

2 shit eating bastards for the scat cats
This time the scat cats have 2 shit eaters to feed. How good that they both need to shit so badly. First Domi then Kimi shits a lot in the hungry mouths. They piss also inside to help the bastards to swollow all the yummy shit. The cats use them also as a spitton and asthry!

Moneyslave and Shit eater

In an abandoned area I met one of my moneyslaves. According to my command, he was waiting for me naked but only with the money in his hands in a dirty hole. After handing over of the money, he was allowed to worship my golden high heels and then he received his punishment for this mingy pocket money. If he is allowed to meet his mistress, he must think about the amount to spend as reward… Instead of beeing allowed to massage my feet, the day ends in pain for him. Of course I ****** him to swallow my caviar. He lamented, choked and cried, but nothing helped. In the end he ****** the whole load down.